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Flannelboard: Noisy Nest

I created this felt set for my Letter N storytime crate after I found the accompanying rhyme on K the Librarian’s blog. I created hand drawn templates for the snow owl, goldfinches, and crow using templates I saw on the Downeast Thunder Farm website. I say hand drawn because my printer died. Felt Board Rhyme:…

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Flannelboard: Big Bad Wolf

This wolf mask was based on a nearly identical iPad/iPhone case I saw on Pinterest. I free hand drew a template (and did a poor job given how asymmetrical the finished product is) and assembled all the pieces using hot glue. I then hot glued a strip of felt (horizontally) to the back so that…

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Flannelboard: Five Little Turtles

I made this particular felt set for a previous, Letter T themed storytime crate. I located a simple template online, traced everything out, and then used hot glue to assemble the pieces. I used Storytime Katie’s Five Little Turtles felt board rhyme: Math Minute Felt Rhyme: Five Little TurtlesOne little turtle, feeling mighty fineSitting by…

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Flannelboard: Five Little Birds

I used the free template provided by Downeast Thunder Farm, and love the finished product. The site offers a lovely variety of bird templates. I recommend giving them a looky-loo for felt-craft inspiration. This felt set was originally designed to be used for an Imagine Your Story, fantasy themed storytime about the Big Bad Wolf.…

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Flannelboard: Gingerbread Men

I found the gingerbread men template online and used it for tracing purposes. I used colored felt to decorate the cookies, but wish I’d have made the effort to head to the craft store for ric-rac instead. This flannelboard set was created as part of my 2016 Milk & Cookies Storytime Crate but I did…

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