Flannelboard: Five Little Birds

I used the free template provided by Downeast Thunder Farm, and love the finished product. The site offers a lovely variety of bird templates. I recommend giving them a looky-loo for felt-craft inspiration.

This felt set was originally designed to be used for an Imagine Your Story, fantasy themed storytime about the Big Bad Wolf. This was before I knew the state of Oregon would choose to go with iRead due to concerns about culturally insensitive artwork. Then, my library system decided to move away from SRP themes all together. As a result, I’ve used this set for a variety of themed storytimes at different outreach locations: Red, Wolves, Birds, Forest, etc.

I’m literally five years behind in posting to this blog, so I’m unable to link to themed storytimes at this time, but I’ve included the rhyme I adapted from the classic Five Little Monkeys in a Tree.

Math Minute Felt Rhyme: Five Little Birds in a Tree
Five little birds in a tree
Teasing Mr. Wolf,
You can’t catch me!
Along came Mr. Wolf,
Quiet as could be.
And he snapped
One bird right out of the tree!
(continue counting down 4, 3, 2, 1)


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