Door 2 Door Storytime

Door 2 Door Storytime began in Spring 2012 as a means of acquiring more real world experience after I graduated with an MLISc, and as a means of coping with an oversaturated job market in California. It was modeled after Austin Public Library’s Storytime Connection program. At the time, there were only a handful of these programs operating across the USA (CLA had not yet taken up the banner), and they relied on community volunteers coordinated by a librarian. I choose to coordinate myself.

Toward that end, I designed thematic storytime programs utilizing the ECR2R framework, reviewed and checked out books from my local public library, created felts, purchased used puppets from thrift stores, and prepped crafts. Then, I set-up free, traveling storytime programs at a couple of small library branches in my hometown. Word traveled, and I began offering storytime at my local Migrant & Seasonal Head Start.

I credit my Door 2 Door storytime program with landing my first job as a children’s librarian, and my also my current job. I would recommend struggling, prospective librarians try something similar, particularly if you find yourself faced with a dearth of post-graduate internship opportunities, rejection letters, or an oversaturated job market. Don’t give up! Go over, under and around!

In the years since, my work as a employed librarian continues to include a high degree of outreach based storytime programs at preschools and elementary schools.

Checkout my resources page to find out where I get inspiration.

While you’re at it, feel free to browse the master list of my Door 2 Door Storytime themes, or view my props page.


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