Storytime: Easter




Ollie’s Easter Eggs by Olivier Dunrea
Olivia and the Easter Egg Hunt
by Cordelia Evans
Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure
by Kimberly and James Dean
Here Comes the Easter Cat!
by Deborah Underwood
Splat the Cat: Where’s the Easter Bunny?
by Rob Scotton
The Easter Egg
by Jan Brett
Here Comes Easter!
by Caroline Jayne Church
Max’s Chocolate Chicken
by Rosemary Wells
Runaway Bunny
by Margaret Wise Brown
Happy Easter Maisy
by Lucy Cousins
What’s the Matter Bunny Blue?
by Nicola Smee
Piggy Bunny
by Rachel Vail


  1. Intro
  2. Hello Song
  3. Action Rhyme
  4. Read-a-Loud Book
  5. Finger Rhyme
  6. Action Rhyme
  7. Read-a-Loud Book
  8. Flannelboard
  9. Action Rhyme
  10. Read-a-Loud Book
  11. ASL Goodbye Song
  12. Craft


Easter Storytime Books

The Easter Bunny’s Assistant by Jan Thomas
Happy Easter, Mouse!
by Laura Numeroff
Owen’s Marshmallow
by Kevin Henkes


Action Rhyme: Dance Your Fingers (via Kings County Library System)
Dance your fingers up
Dance your fingers down
Dance your finger to the side
Dance your fingers all around
Dance your fingers on your tummy
Dance your finger on your head
Dance your fingers on your shoulders
Now put them all to bed

Finger Rhyme: Two Easter Baskets (via Perry Public Library)
Two Easter baskets under a tree
One for you (hold up right fist)
And one for me (hold up left fist)
I peeked in one basket (pretend to peek in basket)
And what did I see?
A new baby chick smiling at me! (pop thumb out of fist)
Then I looked in the other (peek in other basket)
And what do you think?
Out popped a bunny (pop thumb out of other fist)
Quick as a wink!

Action Rhyme: Little Rabbit (via Preschool Education)
I saw a little rabbit go hop, hop, hop
I told that little rabbit to stop, stop, stop
He wiggled his ears and crinkled his nose
And wiggled, wiggle, wiggled right down to his toes

Flannelboard: Easter Eggs (via Perry Public Library)
Easter eggs, Easter eggs
Eggs of orange and blue
Here are lots of colored eggs
All for me and you
Chocolate eggs colored brown
Jelly beans bright green
Aren’t these the nicest eggs
That you have ever seen?

Action Rhyme: Here is a Bunny (via Sunflower Storytime)
Here is a bunny (hold up two fingers slightly bent)
And here is his home in the ground (make circle with other hand)
When a noise he hears, he pricks up his ears (straighten fingers)
And he jumps to his home in the ground (two fingers dive into circle)

CRAFT: Easter Egg!

Easter Egg Storytime Craft
I discovered a couple of packages of egg-shaped foam pieces in my library’s basement and decided to keep things simple. I used a couple of hand held, circular craft punches to create different sized circles and special scissors to cut out decorative strips. Then I let  set up a couple of maker stations and let children and their parents have at it.


Storytime went pretty well. My attendees really liked The Easter Bunny’s Assistant and most of the extension activities went over well. Next time around, I’ll include a short Easter Egg hunt or pass out candy.


. . . April 17-18, 2014 . . .


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