Food, Fit & Fun in the Park

My library conducts an annual summer reading program series in a local park entitled: Food, Fit & Fun in the Park, in collaboration with our regional medical center, community college, university extension 4-H program, and USDA summer food program/school district. Every Thursday morning, for a period of six weeks, my community partners and I set up 5 activity stations (1 of which was always a storytime station) in our local park. Each week was based on a sub-theme of the CSLP  Fizz, Boom, Read! summer reading program. The 2014, weekly sub-themes were:

  • Week 1—Fizz, Boom, Pop!
  • Week 2—The Body Walk
  • Week 3—Techno Fun
  • Week 4—R U Curious?
  • Week 5—Arts & Science
  • Week 6—It’s Alive!

Each Thursday, 200-250 attendees break up into groups and pick a station. Groups rotate to the next station every 8 minutes, for 40 minutes, at which point they get in line for a sack lunch provided via the USDA summer food program and the local school district.

This is one of the Facebook promotional graphics I generated to advertise the event.

Food, Fit & Fun in the Park


Here are some photos I was able to take from the last event, “It’s Alive!”

We made Frankenstein Masks…

Frankenstein Masks

…discussed goats….


….and rabbits…


…read It’s a Tiger by David LaRochelle


…and talked about germs and created silly snot out of glue, Tide liquid detergent and food coloring.

Silly Snot

Library Programming Storytime

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