Food, Fit & Fun in the Park

My library conducts an annual summer reading program series in a local park entitled: Food, Fit & Fun in the Park, in collaboration with our regional medical center, community college, university extension 4-H program, and USDA summer food program/school district. Every Thursday morning, for a period of six weeks, my community partners and I set…

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Storytime: Pumpkins

DOOR 2 DOOR STORYTIME EARLY CHILDHOOD LITERACY SKILL: Vocabulary & Narrative Skill BOOKS TO DISPLAY The Fierce Yellow Pumpkin¬†by Margaret Wise Brown Big Pumpkin by Erica Silverman Pumpkin Circle: The Story of a Garden by George Levenson The Runaway Pumpkin by Kevin Lewis What am I? Halloween by Ann Margaret Lewis Mousekin’s Golden House by…

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