YA Crafts: Reptile Bookmarks

Reptile Bookmarks

The learning curve at my new job has been steep. Luckily, things have started to level out, and I finally have time to update my blog. This post should have appeared back in November.

We made reptile bookmarks for my second to last YA Crafternoon activity at the Boys & Girls Club. This activity was inspired by yarn creatures I found via Pinterest that were created by the wonderfully talented Neusa Lopez. I really recommend checking out her Flicker page.

As predicted, this craft was HUGE hit (especially with my male tweens)! Before the crafternoon event, I created a set of templates, then traced and cut-out multiple snakes and lizards. On the day of the event, I provided my tweens with markers, colored yarn and googly eyes and let them create at their leisure.

Boys & Girls Club Weekly Volunteer Craft: Tweens & Teens (via Neusa Lopez)


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