YA Crafts: Pet Rocks!

Rock Art Craft

Rocks are a cheap and easy craft medium.  Unfortunately, I do not live near any rivers, so I was forced to pilfer smooth rocks from along back roads and random parking lots. Prepping the craft took some time, because I had to add three layers of white primer, and two layers of base color. Basically, all my tweens/teens had to do was add features and details. It never occurred to me to tell them to apply paint sparingly using even strokes. I should have warned my attendees against globing layers of paint onto their rocks. It took awhile for the paint to dry…even with the help of a blow dryer. Lesson learned. FYI: The Despicable Me Minions went over like gangbusters!

Boys & Girls Club Weekly Volunteer Craft: Tweens & Teens (via The Decorated Cookie, Coastal Ways Blog and Fun Family Crafts)


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