Children’s Program: Bubble Wands

This was one of many monthly, Saturday morning children’s programs I conducted while working as a Children’s Librarian in Idaho.* I miss planning and implementing them. These were super fun, and I always had such a nice turnout (10-20 children and their adults).

For this particular program, I set up three crafting tables complete with all of the supplies children would need to fashion their bubble wands (wooden sticks, copper wire, wire cutters, pliers, gloves, beads, ribbon, yarn, chenille stems, bells, etc. and bowls of soap).

Children and their accompanying adults had a blast creating wands. I encourage everyone to give this project a try. Such a super fun way to spend and hour. After some experimentation we all discovered the best bubble making wands were those that featured a thumbs width of space between the copper wire and the chenille stems. Those with chenille stems wrapped too high ended up absorbing the soapy water to such an extent that one could not possibly hope to blow a bubble.

Here’s my version, followed by photos of some adorable wands made by my program attendees.

Monthly Children’s Program.

*I took  about a year and a half off from blogging after applying for my current job. I was beyond exhausted from working part-time, volunteering full-time, and grieving for my mother. I’ve finally reached a point where I feel comfortable resuming hobbies and activities I used to enjoy. So, I’ll be updating the blog with programs and storytimes I’ve planned and implemented during that period in my life. My apologies for the delay.



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