Children’s Program: Marble Painting

For the second ever, Monthly Children’s Program, I opted to conduct a Marble Painting event. I figured this messy, family friendly event would draw a decent sized crowd and I was right!

Twenty preschoolers and fifteen adults showed up and had a blast! One father was so excited he wanted to make his own, and a number of the mothers asked where they could purchase the washable paint in order to “marble paint” at home.

Overall, this was a cost friendly, and easy event to set up. I purchased marbles and balls from The Dollar Store, and picked up some small 5X7 boxes from the manager (as these work best for little hands). I purchased washable paint and watercolor paper from Micheal’s using a 40% off coupon. I borrowed file box lids from my library’s basement and used random sized plastic tubs as well. Set up took about 10 minutes, and most families stayed for the whole hour and tried using different lids, boxes and tubs.

Monthly Children’s Program.


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