Library Book Display: Winter Holiday

…’tis the season for books!

Winter Holiday Book Display

They’re a few weeks late, but here are the photos for the Winter Holiday Display I created for the 2012 Christmas/Kwanza/Hanukkah holiday season. The goal was to create a low-cost, non-denominational holiday display featuring an assortment of books that would be of interest to a variety of public library patrons.  Overall, the display cost less than $6 to create. I borrowed the burgundy table clothes from my parent’s stockpile of formal linens (use flat bedsheets or purchase linens at thrift stores if you don’t have family members from whom you can steal). I bought the  ornaments from The Dollar Tree, and paired them with pine needle limbs that fell off my parent’s faux-Christmas tree. I used 18 sheets of 8.5 x 11 printer paper to construct the 3D paper snowflakes (which were easily hung from the ceiling using thread).

Detail of Winter Holiday Display

Here’s an up-close peek at the ornaments.

Library Book Display

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