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Facebook Graphics: Zombies

Again, another graphic I created for the library’s Facebook account in order to promote a program. As with all of the graphics, this one was created using Microsoft Power Point. These simple and colorful infographics are generating a lot of added attention, and “views.”

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Facebook Graphics: Movie Tickets

My library hosts family friendly movies as part of our annual summer reading programming, and these are some of the movies ticket graphics I created from scratch using Microsoft Power Point. I refuse to use clip art and copyrighted graphics (with the exception of CSLP graphics) to promote library programs and services on Facebook…so this…

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Facebook Graphics: Tax Season

This is the graphic I created for tax season, but wasn’t able to use because our federal tax forms NEVER arrived. I appropriated the first half of the phrase from my favorite, post-apocalyptic ragamuffin: Dani “Mega” O’Malley featured in the Fever series and the novel, Iced by Karen Moning.

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